Safe AI for IT Service Management

Mit der KI deepassist kannst du strategisch über alle Kanäle Dein Kundenservice verbessern ‒ und zwar mit der Kombination aus Machine Learning + Symbolic AI. 

Start the revolution in IT service management with secure AI. Whether it’s problems with permissions, the VPN connection or the printer, deepassist understands your customers’ concerns on all channels and supports employees in finding solutions. Better service KPIs lead to happier customers and more satisfied employees.

deepassist at a glance

deepassist has the relevant knowledge in the utilities industry and is ready for immediate use.

Use the same language model
in all communication channels (telephone, e-mail, chat, web forms, etc.) for consistent and efficient interactions.

ChatGPT & Co. are powerful text generators. In order to use them safely in the corporate environment, they must be used in a controlled manner.

Our AI decisions are 100% transparent and comprehensible. Investment security with regard to the upcoming EU AI Act.

Solved requests in the first customer interaction
Average Handling time Reduction
DSGVO Stempel

Support your customer service with intelligent voicebots

Here we show you how to use deepassist to turn an annoying IVR (press 1 for…) into a smart voicebot.

And that’s just one use case of many.

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Automate Your Customer Service

During a short demo appointment, we will show you how we automate routine enquiries via telephone, email and chat.

deepassist enables the use of AI in all IT service management channels

"A reimagined AI-supported customer service model therefore encompasses all touchpoints - not only digital self-service channels but also agent-supported options in branches or on social-media platforms, where AI can assist employees in real time to deliver high-quality outcomes."
The next frontier of customer engagement: AI-enabled customer service (March 27th, 2023)

Discover how you can best integrate deepassist into your ITSM.