Automated email categorization and routing

Categorization is automated. Employees can focus on more valuable tasks, while customers can direct all their requests to a single address.

Kundenservice automatisieren, Darstellung von E-Mail-Routing

Efficient email categorization with semantic AI in customer service

deepassist differentiates between any number of topics at a fine granular level and with high precision. The semantic context of the query, rather than individual keywords, serves as the basis for the decision.

The problem

Manual categorization of emails by employees is time-consuming and error-prone. On average, it takes 35 seconds per email.

Previous attempts to categorize emails using keyword systems often failed due to inaccurate categorization. This is also because customers tend to describe their concerns in very different ways.

Subject-specific email addresses, such as or, represent a communication barrier for customers.

The solution

Our solution offers automated email categorization using semantic AI for customer service.

The decision is based not only on the use of individual keywords but also on the semantic context of the inquiry. No matter how detailed or brief the request is described.

This allows employees to focus on more valuable tasks, while customers can direct all their requests to a single address.

The advantages of email routing with deepassist at a glance

Intelligent sorting according to the context of the request saves time, while automated routing increases efficiency. At the same time, the elimination of routine tasks leads to increased productivity.

Automate your customer service

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