Improve your customer service with deepassist

With the deepassist AI, you can strategically improve your customer service across all channels – through the combination of machine learning + symbolic AI.

Ein Gehirn das beim Kundenservice verbessern hilft.

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Improve your customer service: deepassist for efficient customer support across all channels!

The deepassist AI in customer service relieves your company by interpreting customer enquiries using natural language understanding (NLU). The AI is 99% pre-trained for the sectors utility, insurance, ITSM, public transport and facility management. deepassist can be seamlessly integrated into existing telephone, email and chatbot systems in customer service. Maintenance and further development of the language model can be carried out directly in the respective department. This allows you to effectively improve your customer service with AI.

Orangene Polygone.

We speak the language of your customers

deepassist adapts to the language of your customers, regardless of the channel through which the enquiry is made. Whether a spelling mistake is made or a regional dialect is spoken – deepassist still understands them. This adaptability makes it possible to use AI effectively in customer service for voicebots, email routing or chatbots in order to optimise your customer service.

deepassist doesn’t care whether it’s 50 or 5,000 characters

The amount of information your customers want to share with you varies depending on the situation and is unpredictable. Whether they need help with one topic or ask five questions at the same time – deepassist understands every single request. This can initiate automation processes, save time on documentation work and improve your overall customer service.

deepassist hilft Dir auf jedem Kanal, so kannst Du Dein Kundenservice verbessern.
Die Kundenservice-KI deepassist ist ein Cloud-Produkt und wird über eine Schnittstelle implementiert.

The customer service AI deepassist pursues the API-first approach:

The API-first approach offers significant advantages over traditional monolithic architectures (all-in-one platform solutions).

Disadvantages of platform solutions:

Advantages of an API solution:

“deepsearch provides a no-code language platform that uses composite and explainable AI techniques for natural language understanding (NLU) and information architecture.”
Anthony Mullen
Research Director for AI at Gartner 

Why deepassist is perfect for you to optimise your customer service


Secure & audit-ready: Improve your customer service - also with regard to the EU AI Act

Decisions made by deepassist are 100% transparent. Therefore, deepassist offers investment security with regard to the EU AI Act.


No-code: You can train deepassist directly in the department

Save money on expensive data scientists. The no-code backend of deepassist is designed for use by users from the respective department. Maintenance and expansion of the AI is done directly in the department.


Pre-trained for your industry

Every industry has its own rules. deepassist already knows them. With deepassist, we offer pre-trained industry solutions for utilities, local public transport, facility services, insurance, IT service management and banking. The AI solutions understand 29 languages.


deepassist is a strategic customer service AI

deepassist can be used for all use cases in all communication channels. Wherever a large number of routine tasks are performed on a daily basis – from customer service to HR departments to facility management. Regardless of whether you want to route emails or aim for full self-service using Voicebot and co.

Automate your customer service

Let’s plan together how you can best integrate AI into your customer service and improve it.


Optimize LLMs for your company

Generative AI such as ChatGPT & Co. are powerful, eloquent text generators. To use them safely in the corporate environment, they need to be “put on a leash” and fed with company-specific content. deepassist is the easiest and most effective way to do this.


Multi-intent: one enquiry, different requests

One enquiry, several different requests? deepassist recognises each one and can – if desired – trigger different solutions. And with AI in customer service, your customers get all the answers they are looking for with one enquiry.


Secure customer service AI for you and your customers

deepassist handles your customers’ enquiries with the utmost care and is of course GDPR-compliant. As soon as an enquiry reaches the system, it is processed. The enquiry data is not stored. deepassist is completely stateless and can therefore also be used without hesitation for sensitive customer information. Your customers get a secure and good customer experience.


Green-AI with deepassist

Our product combines powerful AI with strong environmental awareness. Most LLMs can emit several tonnes of CO2 per model generation. deepassist only emits around 5 grams of CO2 per model generation. So you can integrate effective and sustainable AI into your organisation – without compromise.

“deepsearch [...] reduces both the burden of training data and the technical debt associated with language models for multiple channels. Clients can integrate a channel, such as email, and leverage the shared central composite model in another channel, such as chat.”
Anthony Mullen
Research Director for AI at Gartner

Discover how you can best integrate deepassist into your customer service