This means your company is always reachable. deepassist acts as the central intelligence for voicebots and is always ready to handle routine requests quickly and accurately.

Darstellung von Kundenservice automatisieren mit Voicebot

Efficient voicebots for round-the-clock customer service

deepassist uses artificial intelligence to automatically process routine inquiries over the phone. For example, meter reading reports or changes to budget billing plans can be completed efficiently and around the clock via voicebot. This not only significantly reduces the workload for employees, but also optimizes service for customers.

The problem

Despite the digital transformation, 70% of customers still prefer direct contact by telephone, primarily for simple inquiries.

However, permanent availability by telephone presents companies with a major challenge, especially when it comes to a high volume of routine inquiries.

These simple inquiries tie up resources that are actually needed to deal with more complex customer issues.

The solution

Our solution lies in the integration of deepassist as the central artificial intelligence for efficient customer communication.

Voicebots are available at all times to process routine inquiries (such as meter reading reports or changes to budget billing plans) quickly and accurately.

This not only increases accessibility for customers, but also significantly reduces the workload of the customer service team.

The advantages of voicebots with deepassist at a glance

Permanent availability and direct processing of routine issues increase customer satisfaction and the efficiency of the customer service center.

Automate Your Customer Service

During a short demo appointment, we will show you how we automate routine inquiries via telephone, e-mail and chat.

Integrate deepassist for intelligent voicebots

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Further use cases with deepassist

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