E-Mail Hyperautomation

Based on the semantic content of the request, e-mails can be processed automatically and finalized, freeing employees from routine tasks.

Automated processing of customer inquiries with e-mail hyperautomation

With deepassist, the semantic context of the query is used as the basis for decision-making rather than individual keywords. In addition, process-relevant data such as customer number, contract number and meter number are automatically extracted from the text. Both are then made available to an automation tool (RPA) for further processing, thus enabling the case-closing processing of all types of requests.

The problem

Conventional automation methods, such as keyword systems, quickly reach their limits: imprecise assignment of topics or specialist departments. Above all, however, there is no possibility of case-closing automation.

Manual email processing is time-consuming and error-prone. Employees need an average of 35 seconds per email for processing.

In addition, the use of topic-specific email addresses such as strom@stadtwerk.de or wasser@stadtwerk.de leads to a fragmentation of communication with customers and complicates the process.

The solution

deepassist enables email hyperautomation through semantic analysis of content. Our AI is able to differentiate precisely and at a fine granular level between a variety of topics, relying not only on individual keywords but also on the semantic context of the request.

In addition, process-relevant data such as customer or contract numbers are automatically extracted from the text and seamlessly integrated into RPA (robotic process automation) or other automation solutions.

This allows employees to focus on more complex tasks, while customers can direct their requests to a single address and receive faster responses.

The advantages of e-mail hyperautomation with deepassist at a glance

With e-mail hyperautomation, e-mail handling processes are automated on a case-by-case basis, reducing the workload of employees. deepassist extracts relevant data with increased precision through granular differentiation of topics.

Automate your customer service

Let’s plan together how deepassist can best be integrated into your phone, email and chatbot system.

Optimize your customer service with e-mail hyperautomation

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