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For sustainable relief in customer service: deepassist enables dynamic dialogs instead of rigid click-tree chatbots.

Dynamic and natural dialogs for a better customer experience

deepassist enables dialogues that are specifically tailored to your organization’s information. In combination with a Large Language Model (LLM), such as GPT, the customer experience is further improved. It can be assumed that customers will adapt their behavior over the next three to five years and use virtual assistants more and more intensively.

The problem

Conventional chatbots require extensive training and often end up as rigid “click trees”.

They fail to understand the true needs of users. Most users prefer to be quickly forwarded to a human.

As a result, this communication channel is rarely used by customers, which prevents the hoped-for relief for service teams.

The solution

deepassist is based on the semantic analysis of the context. This enables large language models (LLMs), such as GPT, to generate natural and, above all, correct answers.

This further improves the customer experience and reduces the workload of the service team.

By enabling continuous adaptation to new information and requirements, we support dynamic dialog management that far surpasses conventional chatbots.

The advantages of virtual assistants with deepassist at a glance


With virtual assistants, the efficiency of your customer service can be increased through AI-supported processing. The result is an improved customer experience thanks to personalized information. Increasingly intensive use of self-service channels will measurably reduce the workload of the service team.

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