Call Routing

Regardless of whether callers describe their request in just one word or in detail, deepassist is able to understand it precisely and differentiate between 5, 500 or even 5,000 different requests.

Intelligent call routing with semantic AI in customer service

Thanks to deepassist’s intelligence, it is possible to start the call with an open question. Depending on the request, routine inquiries can be routed immediately to an automated process, while more complex questions are passed on to specially trained employees.

The Problem

“Press button 1 for…”

“Select 3 for…”

“Visit our website at…”

These familiar IVR prompts lead to disgruntled customers. Even though there are usually a maximum of six options and two levels, the customer experience is usually unsatisfactory.

The subject areas behind the IVR are often too broad, so that effective assignment to specific skills is only roughly possible.

New employees therefore need to acquire extensive knowledge before they can work effectively.

The solution

“You are very welcome! How can we help you?”

With deepassist, it is possible to start the conversation with an open question.

No matter how callers describe their request, deepassist is able to understand this precisely.

Routine inquiries can be processed automatically, while more complex questions are forwarded to the appropriately trained employees.

This gives you control over the call flow and an optimized first call resolution rate (FCRR).

The advantages of call routing with deepassist at a glance

AI-supported call routing not only saves time through intelligent sorting, it also increases efficiency thanks to automated routing. This leads to increased productivity and relieves employees of routine tasks.

Automate Your Customer Service

During a short demo appointment, we will show you how we automate routine inquiries via telephone, e-mail and chat.

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