From call to solution: Real-time support in modern customer service

Do you know what a “Donnerbalken” is? Our AI does. deepassist helps the employees of the Wiener Wohnen service number to better understand their customers, optimise processes and increase quality.

In times of a pandemic, energy crisis and rising inflation, service centres and hotlines are under more pressure than ever. Customers expect quick solutions to problems and short waiting times. While the volume of enquiries is increasing, staff turnover among service centre employees has remained constant.


deepassist saves time, increases safety and simplifies the workflow. The use of AI optimises the process and improves quality.

Optimization by deepassist
First Contact Resolution Rate
Process acceleration
Wiener Wohnen Kundenservice
facility management
Company size
100 - 500

The Challenge

The Wiener Wohnen service number receives around 3,000 enquiries a day, around the clock, on almost 1,000 different topics. The employees are faced with the task of carrying out several tasks at the same time. While customers describe concerns and problems, the internal knowledge database talks about solutions. At the same time, there is a wide range of processes for which the service centre employees need to be trained. Process changes are often difficult to implement and require resources for retraining.

Customer service is the differentiator. Studies show that 61% of customers start looking for an alternative provider after their first bad experience with the service centre. After two bad experiences, the figure is 76%. (Zendesk, CX Trends 2022)

Misunderstandings between callers and service employees lead to longer conversations, resentment and, last but not least, incorrectly triggered processes that subsequently cost a lot of time and money.

Call center operator man with headsets working

Advantages of the deepassist AI

Industry specific

The deepassist AI already has the relevant knowledge of the industry and thus reduces the training effort many times over.


The use of deepassist as an NLU (Natural Language Understanding) solution can be utilised by all specialist departments within a company.

The Solution

Since the integration of deepassist, business cases can now be recorded from the customer’s perspective. The AI also understands colloquial language. Employees are supported in conversation in real time. This enables them to understand the customer’s concerns faster and better and to initiate the correct solution processes with the help of deepassist. This reduces the duration of calls while directly increasing the quality of service. Wiener Wohnen customer service was able to significantly increase the first contact resolution rate and speed up the process by 30%.

The SaaS solution was integrated into the existing systems in just a few weeks without disrupting ongoing operations. deepassist is pre-trained and understands enquiries in 26 languages from all communication channels, such as telephone, email, chat or social media.

The Result

The training period for employees was reduced from several weeks to just a few days. Training and maintenance of deepassist does not require any external or internal IT resources. Terms can be adapted or added at any time via the no-code backend. When fast communication and problem solving are essential, information can be passed on to employees immediately and in real time.

deepassist fulfils all GDPR standards and is and remains an AI that makes transparent and comprehensible decisions in accordance with the guidelines of the EU AI Act. This offers security for customers and service numbers.

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