Audit-ready AI in customer service

Pre-trained for your industry

Use one customer service AI for all channels – from agent augmentation to customer self-service. Fully transparent + traceable!

Die deepassist KI im Kundenservice unterstützt bei vielen Anfragen über unterschiedliche Kanäle.

The use of AI in customer service affects us all

More and more enquiries in a short amount of time

The volume of customer service enquiries increased by up to 32% last year.

Employees and expertise are dwindling

30% is the average staff turnover in contact centres.

Customers are not using the desired channel

81% of customers prefer assisted channels such as telephone, email and live chat.

The impact is significant

76% of customers start looking for an alternative provider after just two bad customer service experiences.

– Zendesk

A customer service AI for email, phone & chat – automate routine enquiries in all channels

The customer service AI deepassist relieves your customer service by understanding customer enquiries through natural language understanding (NLU). deepassist is 99% pre-trained for your industry and can be strategically integrated into existing telephone, email and chatbot systems. Both for agent augmentation and to increase the quality of generative AI tools and self-service channels.

Die Kundenservice-KI deepassist ist ein Cloud-Produkt und wird über eine Schnittstelle implementiert.

Use AI exactly where you need it

Once implemented, it can be used strategically across all channels.

With pre-trained industry solutions for rapid customer service automation

With deepassist AI in customer service, you can take the pressure off your employees, optimise your customers’ experience and improve your service KPIs. Thanks to our pre-trained industry solutions, you save yourself an immense amount of training and can deploy deepassist quickly.


deepassist exponentially increases the potential of customer service automation in your organisation and leads to a better customer experience.


Our AI understands your customers’ requests and provides relevant information for automatic processing.


Thanks to AI in customer service, your employees are freed up from routine manual tasks so that they can concentrate on customer interaction.


Pre-trained industry solutions enable a fast go-live.


As a cloud service, deepassist integrates seamlessly into your systems and can be used for any channel.


We offer secure and regulated access to Large Language Models for the use of company-specific content.

Our customers

Customer service optimization through
real-time support at Wiener Wohnen

“Stadt Wien – Wiener Wohnen” is one of the largest property management companies in Europe. 550,000 customers are looked after around the clock and create more than 1 million enquiries a year. They contact customer support on almost 1,000 different topics. The integration of deepassist AI in customer service now supports the 220+ agents in real time.

Wiener Wohnen Kundenservice als Kunde zur Implementierung von KI im Kundenservice.
Average Handling Time
- 0 %
First Contact Resolution Rate
0 %

A customer experience that can be seen and heard

"The AI solution from deepassist has enabled us to record business cases from the customer's perspective. This ultimately leads to an acceleration of the dialogue process and thus to time savings. At the same time, the AI solution provides a central, standardised knowledge database and short-term process updates are available to employees in real time. This has significantly reduced familiarisation times."
Stefan Wanner
Managing Director of the callcenter at Wiener Wohnen Kundenservice GmbH
"Customers expect a quick response - AI helps companies to fulfil this expectation. We want to relieve customer service of routine work."
Claudio La Torre
Head of Digital Products at Die Netzwerkpartner
"The use of deepassist AI has enabled the implementation of issue-based routing, which offers us everything from targeted call routing to partially and fully automated enquiry processing, taking future-oriented customer service to the next level. This not only actively increases the satisfaction of our customers, but also noticeably reduces the workload of our employees. The quality of Natural Language Understanding is impressive and we are already looking forward to the next expansion stages!"
Michael Reichel
Centre Manager Shared Service at Stadtwerke Hamm
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What’s the benefit?
Find out how much you can save with deepassist.

We will be happy to give you more detailed information about how much you can save by implementing customer service AI in a brief, no-obligation meeting. Depending on the volume of enquiries per channel (telephone, email, chat, social media) and the number of your employees, we will provide you with a customised ROI calculation.