Automate customer service: Call, e-mail, chat, ...

Most requests are routine. Our goal is to support people. By automating monotonous customer service tasks, we give your team more time for complex cases.

Kundenservice automatisieren mit einem Sprachmodell für alle Use Cases

Strategically automate your customer service with AI across all channels

deepassist is the strategic solution that allows you to deploy a single customer service AI exactly where you need it. No matter which use case, no matter with which application – deepassist does not need to be retrained if the location or type of use changes. So you can use the knowledge database for your customer service in all applications.

Automated e-mail routing for improved categorization

Automating categorization with AI tools has many advantages: deepassist differentiates between any number of topics with fine granularity and high precision. Decisions are based not only on individual keywords but also on the semantic context of the query. Employees can focus on more valuable tasks, while customers can address all their concerns to a single address.

Kundenservice automatisieren, Darstellung von E-Mail-Routing
Kundenserservice automatisieren, Darstellung von E-Mail-Hyperautomation

Automate customer service with email hyperautomation – to give your employees time for more valuable tasks

With deepassist, email enquiries can be automated on a case-by-case basis. Our semantic AI makes precise and fine-grained distinctions based on the context of the enquiry. Process-relevant data such as customer number, contract number and meter number are automatically extracted from the text. This can be easily processed further using RPA or other automation solutions. The processing of the majority of inquiries can thus be automated, while employees can concentrate on the more complex tasks.

Automating customer service with Generative AI and human control – the best of both worlds

Requests are recognized in a transparent way, i.e. using Explainable AI. Based on this, the answer to the question can be automated: The relevant information is retrieved from the company’s knowledge base and made available to a Large Language Model (LLM). This enables the LLM to formulate a relevant, personalized answer, which is then checked and sent by employees (‘Human in the Loop’).

Darstellung von Kundenservice automatisieren mit Generative AI
Darstellung von Kundenservice automatisieren mit Call Routing

Automate customer service with call routing – so all requests can be received by one number

“Welcome to customer service! How can we help you?” Thanks to deepassist’s intelligence, it is possible to start the conversation with an open question. Regardless of whether callers describe their request with just one word or a detailed description, deepassist is able to understand them precisely and can differentiate between 5, 500 or 5,000 different requests. Routine requests can be automated in this way, while more complex questions are forwarded to the appropriately trained employees. This gives you control over your call flow and an optimized FCRR.

Automate your customer service

Let’s plan together how deepassist can best be integrated into your phone, email and chatbot system.

Voicebot – automate the accessibility of your company

deepassist acts as the central intelligence for voicebots and offers an efficient solution to the problem of permanent telephone availability. By automating the voicebot, it is ready for use at any time to process routine requests such as meter reading reports or changes to budget billing plans quickly and accurately. This not only increases availability for customers, but also significantly reduces the workload of the customer service team.

Darstellung von Kundenservice automatisieren mit Voicebot
Kundenservice automatisieren mit Agent Augmentation

Agent augmentation, automating customer service support

deepassist offers real-time support for agents on the phone. It helps them to implement the necessary steps correctly and efficiently. During the call, the AI suggests suitable business processes. The extraction and processing of relevant information from knowledge databases (e.g. car license plates) can be automated. This eliminates the need for agents to type, allowing them to concentrate fully on the conversation and solving the problem.

Virtual Assistant – Automating customer service for sustainable relief

deepassist enables dynamic and natural dialogues that are specifically tailored to the context of the respective organization. Large Language Models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, can be used to further improve the customer experience. Due to these technological advances, it is likely that customers will adapt their behavior and use virtual assistants more and more in the next three to five years. Ultimately, this will also bring relief to customer service teams and further automate service processes.

Darstellung von Kundenservice automatisieren mit Virtual Assistant

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