[Secure] AI for Utility companies

Start the revolution in customer service with secure AI tailored for your industry. Whether it’s changes to installment plans, meter reading submissions, or billing inquiries, deepassist understands your customers’ concerns on all channels and assists your employees in problem-solving. Improved service KPI’s lead to happier customers and more satisfied employees.

deepassist at a glance

deepassist has the relevant knowledge of the utility industry and is ready for immediate deployment.

Utilise the same language model across all communication channels (phone, email, chat, web forms, etc.) for consistent and efficient interactions.

Maintain and expand your language model easily and in natural language – no need for data scientists.

The decisions of our AI are 100% transparent and traceable. Investment security in anticipaton of the upcoming EU AI Act.

“The use of the semantic AI from deepassist has enabled us to implement an issue-based routing system that offers everything from targeted call routing to partial and fully automated inquiry processing, taking future-oriented customer service to the next level. We are already looking forward to the upcoming expansion stages!” 

Solved First-contact inquiries
Average Handling time

In this video we show you how can handle the annual surge in your customer service inquiries even more effectively with smarter phone and email automation and deepassist.
And that’s just one use case among many.

Seeking to measurably improve your customer service?

We are happy to advise you on your specific Use Case and the improvements you can achieve with deepassist.

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