[Secure] AI for Public Transport

Start the revolution in customer service with secure AI for your industry. Whether it’s questions about annual tickets, lost items or passenger rights, deepassist understands your customers’ concerns on all channels and supports employees in solving problems. Better service KPIs lead to happier customers and more satisfied employees.

deepassist at a glance

deepassist has the relevant knowledge of the public transport industry and is ready for immediate use.

Use the same language model
in all communication channels (telephone, e-mail, chat, web forms, etc.) for consistent and efficient interactions.

Maintain and expand your language model easily and in natural language – no data scientists required.

Our AI decisions are 100% transparent and explainable. Investment security with regard to the upcoming EU AI Act.

First, I would say that most companies will not have a choice but to adopt AI and adopt digital at the core functions. In many ways, your personal lives are mediated through your transactions, through your smartphone, through these devices, and how you interact with consumer technology products: you are already living in an AI age.

Inquiries solved
Average Handling time

Here we show you how to use deepassist to turn an annoying IVR (“press 1 for…”)
into a smart voicebot.

And that’s just one use case of many.

Do you want to measurably relieve your customer service?

We will be happy to advise you on your individual Use Case and the improvements you can achieve with deepassist.

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